The number one hotel in Puerto Rico features 9 rooms and 3 suites; all decorated with in unique style of its own.


DREAMCATCHER by DW is the only vegetarian hotel in San Juan. Guests may sign up for yoga classes on the beach, join a snorkeling excursion, or opt for nature-adventure tours outside of the typical touristy options. They may also rent a bicycle and go for a ride around the neighborhood beaches or the popular Loíza Street.

Our famous breakfast & brunch is served daily and sourced mostly local. We are committed to use organic produce with low carbon footprint and offer vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options. 


You may also choose between juice blends, homemade hemp milk and kombucha elixirs made with all natural ingredients. DREAMCATCHER by DW is proud to be supporting this type of experience in which guests enjoy healthy foods as they spend some time away from home.

"Everything about this inn suggests relaxation,” according to the March 2014 issue of New York Magazine. It smells of incense, as one can listen to the meditation music in the background and hear the flow of water from the fountain.


At almost every corner of this captivating place, from guest rooms to common areas, there are dreamcatchers. These artifacts can be traced back to the native people of North America who used to make them by hand, as symbols of protection from nightmares and enablers of only beautiful dreams. And these happen to be the same positive vibes The DREAMCATCHER team wants to send its guests as they walk in the main door.

DREAM 360°