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The Dreamcatcher and San Juan fared well!

NO damages and NO ONE got hurt!! While the South is still experiencing pretty bad aftershocks and many people lost their homes, the rest of Puerto Rico felt only minor trembling. Power is back to 98% of the island and most households have running water.

To those who may be hesitant to travel to Puerto Rico we want to say: DO IT anyway 😊

Tourism is vital to Puerto Rico as it fuels local communities. To keep the economy recovering, we must keep tourism strong. In light of the recent earthquakes, many have asked how you can help. In addition to supporting the efforts of many non-profit organizations currently helping those in the southern region, a great way to support at this time is to travel to Puerto Rico for your upcoming vacations, meetings, conferences and events. We continue to stand with the communities in the southern region, and are confident that Puerto Rico's resilient spirit will shine through now more than ever.

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