HOTEL TOUR: Bold Colors & Positive Vibes

The Dreamcatcher features nine rooms and three suites, each with a distinct style that embodies Caribbean, bohemian and mid-century style all at once. Designer and co-owner Sylvia incorporated personal heirlooms that tell stories of her family, as well as art and furniture she found at thrift stores, garage sales, and shops around town. Each room also features a modern take on the dreamcatcher by Tropical Depression, a local Puerto Rican artist and friend of Sylvia and Stephan. Most inspiring is the functionality of each space. Sylvia says one of the biggest challenges was converting the space to a hotel (The Dreamcatcher was her previous house), but that's where Stephan came in. "Stephan is an amazing problem solver," she says. "He implemented the right strategies to respect the work I had done and bring further comfort and growth to the house and our guests." Together, they had to work with the spaces and maintain its essence — a delicate balance between functionality, comfort and design.

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