A Vegetarian Oasis

Chef Jerome Valencia brings artistry to the vegetarian culinary scene in Puerto Rico. As a follower of the Rastafari movement, Jerome and his friends began a campaign in a place where there wasn’t even a market, leading to a decade-long sojourn that Jerome refers to as his life’s path. Equal parts chef, musician, and visionary, Jerome is propelled by a different way of seeing things, a consciousness that’s rooted in the art of soulful living, and very, very delicious cooking.

On an island largely known for being carnivorous—where fried cheeses and heavy meats fuse together in almost every meal—just like Chef Jerome, The Dreamcatcher is a change-maker: Allowing only vegetarian meal prep in its communal kitchen, guests of bed and breakfasts flock to the idyllic retreat for a healthy break from their routine.

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